VW Trikes, Teardrop Trailers, and Other Toys

My Trikes
I wanted a place to post the trikes I built and it grew a little. I build 2-3 trikes a year, most of them with my good friend George.


George's Trikes
George has helped me with all my trikes, so I felt he should have a page of his own.


Brothers of the Third Wheel
The best Triker organization around.


The total attendance figure for the St. Louis Motorcycle Show was 6,398 people. That's a lot of people who saw BTW and our trikes. ...

The 2018 St. Louis Motorcycle Show was a great success. More than 4,000 people attended on Saturday. I'll post the count for Sunday's attendance when I get it from the show sponsors.

I want to thank the BTW members from the Route 66 and Gateway chapters who helped man the BTW booth and/or brought trikes. I also want to thank Alex and BTW HQ for loaning us the banner and providing us with a stash of Triker magazines for booth visitors. Our presence at the show generated a lot of interest and discussions among the show visitors. Hopefully we have boosted awareness of BTW in the St. Louis area.

Gateway chapter director, Howard "Crash" Telthorst is recovering well from his recent surgery and helped man the BTW booth on Sunday.

I will leave you with a photo of Crash and a video of some pretty amazing stunt riding at the bike show on Sunday afternoon.

BTW had a booth and displayed three trikes at the 2018 St. Louis Motorcycle Show. Attendance was in the thousands and visitors showed a lot of interest in BTW. ...