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My Trikes

I wanted a place to post the trikes I built and it grew a little. I build 2-3 trikes a year, most of them with my good friend George.


George's Trikes

George has helped me with all my trikes, so I felt he should have a page of his own.


Brothers of the Third Wheel

The best Triker organization around.


I know, right? ...

Fitting the body ...

Hello all I have a problem with my Volkswagen trike just had the motor rebuilt I'll put the motor on the frame it started up all winter with no problem I finish wiring it up put the body on wired up the taillights took it out for a ride and then it shut off what is start back up next day I checked the coil but no fire coming out the coil try to straight wire to the battery hot and cold still nothing plugged everything back up couple days later and find out what he got about 20 yards and cut off again I think I'm have to take the body back off and check the wiring any suggestions please let me know thank you all ...